Governmental Liability – Negligence, Injury and Civil Rights Lawyers, Southern, CA

The attorneys of Stolpman, Krissman, Elber & Silver represent people who have suffered injuries by governmental entities, including state and federal government agencies, counties, municipalities and school districts. Our practice in this area encompasses two different areas. We represent individuals who have suffered injuries due to negligence at the hands of government agencies, as well as people who have had their civil rights violated.

Personal Injury Claims Against Government Agencies

When individuals suffer serious injuries due to poorly or dangerously designed public roads, improperly maintained public buildings, or the negligence of government employees, the responsible agencies must be held accountable. Our law firm has experience representing injured people against a number of different governmental agencies, and can put that experience to work for you.

Civil Rights Violations

You may have a claim for damages if you are the victim of police brutality or if a public agency denied you your constitutional rights or violated the law. Our law firm has won significant amounts of financial compensation for civil rights clients who were:

  • Victims of excessive force, police brutality or other police misconduct
  • Injured as a result of a police chase
  • Shot or assaulted by a police officer
  • Arrested by police for the “crime” of driving while black or Hispanic
  • Discriminated against by a public agency because of their race, religion, gender or ethnicity
  • Denied their right to free speech, peaceful assembly and other rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution

In every case, we will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case and bring suit against the appropriate agency or agencies. Some suits against governmental agencies must be filed within certain time frames. Therefore, if you believe you have a case against a governmental agency, contact us as soon as possible.

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It costs you nothing to learn if we can be of assistance. We represent clients on a contingency basis. That means attorney fees are a percentage of whatever compensation we obtain in your case. You pay nothing out of pocket.

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