Industrial Machinery Accident Lawyer, Long Beach

Industrial Machinery Accidents at Work -Machines That Injure and Maim

The problem with industrial machinery is that it often leaves no room for error. Human operators of machinery sometimes make mistakes. Manufacturers have the science and technology to protect industrial workers against the loss of life and limb caused by workplace machinery. We know what the manufacturer could and should have done that would have protected you and your family from this devastation.

Turning the Tables on Manufacturers

At Krissman & Silver LLP, our attorneys turn the tables on makers of industrial machinery. We believe the makers of industrial machinery that injures workers should pay a steep price for the severe injuries and other damages their products cause.

We have a long and successful history of winning significant verdicts and settlements for clients injured by industrial machinery.

Making Complex Facts Easy for Juries to Understand

We work closely with experts to analyze all the factors that may have contributed to the accident. One of the reasons for our success is in our ability to take complex technical information and translate it into plain English and common sense explanations anyone can understand.

In many cases, industrial machinery injures people because of inadequate guarding or a failure to warn of a potential danger.

We often find that the manufacturer knew the product was dangerous and knew it could be made safer, but chose to do nothing in order to avoid the expense. Large verdicts and settlements in product liability claims can help change that kind of thinking.

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