Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers, Long Beach, CA


The Legal Challenges of Brain Injury Claims

If a brain injury is so severe it causes a stroke or comma, there is little doubt about the severity of the injury. the effects can be documented by brain imaging studies and/or observed by the patient.

The damages associated with less severe brain injuries are often much harder to observe and document, even though they are truly life-altering. People with brain injuries may appear to be just fine. Imaging tests do not show any abnormalities.

TBI – The Invisible Injury

People with traumatic brain injuries, those caused by a blow to the head, may suffer memory problems so severe they get confused and can become lost simply on the way home from the grocery store. Many experience profound personality changes that make them seem like strangers to those around them. Concentration and attention problems, slowed learning and difficulty with planning, reasoning, and judgment are all common symptoms that ca be difficult to demonstrate to a jury.

The personal injury attorneys of Stolpman, Krissman, Elber & Silver understand the physical, emotional, behavioral and psychological effects of brain injury. We excel in using our knowledge of the law and our understanding of brain injury to maximize the financial compensation our clients receive.

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We Get Results in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

We have won significant verdicts and settlements for clients who sustained brain injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents, maritime accidents, construction accidents, and from many other causes.

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